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PAR webinar: Navigating Corporate Partnerships, Oct 16, 2024

Striking the Balance: Navigating Corporate Partnerships in the Intersection of C3 and C6 Initiatives

As a mission-driven organization focused on the funds that drive your mission and the business outcomes that support that work, how does an organization achieve…


Transforming Your Membership Model: 5 Considerations for Change

As workforce generations shift, associations must continually reassess and refine their membership models to remain competitive and relevant. This session offers a comprehensive exploration of strategic shifts that can enhance membership engagement and value. Gain insights into five critical areas: engagement, value proposition, pricing, technology, and communication. By understanding these key considerations, you can transform and optimize your membership approach, ensuring sustained growth and member satisfaction. Join us to discover practical strategies and innovative solutions to take your membership model to the next level.

Workshop July 24: Navigating Tomorrow: Association Business Teams of the Future

Navigating Tomorrow: Association Business Teams of the Future

What does the future of association business look like? As association business teams stand at the intersection of mission and sustained revenue health, we’ll explore…

PAR webinar: Media mavericks: How a top B@B media brand forged a content marketing empire beyond traditional tactics

Media mavericks: How a top B2B media brand forged a content marketing empire beyond traditional tactics

In today’s competitive landscape, forward-thinking marketers are leveraging the credibility and influence inherent within their media teams to offer comprehensive, full-service marketing solutions to brands…

PAR webinar "Harnessing Data to Inform Business Decisions"

Harnessing Data to Inform Business Decisions

The art of business decision-making has evolved, and today, it’s all about harnessing the power of data. Data-driven decisions must be at the heart of…


Pricing Governance: 5 Steps To Create Your Model

Your association is setting prices whether you have a pricing governance model in place or not, and you know that without a proper governance model,…