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Teaming Up with Tech

Digital Revenue Strategy

April 29, 2022

How is your team adapting digital revenue resources?

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Inspired Marketing: How to Find Creative Innovation for Your Next Sales Project

Creating marketing to support sales efforts can be hard, especially when it’s for a brand-new product or service. We invited Brittany Parrotte, the Senior Marketing and Event Manager at Hi-Fidelity Group, to take us through her project inspirations.

4 Steps to Predicting Client Spending Following Covid-19

Predicting client spending has always been a challenge. But now, in a COVID-19 world, it’s not only challenging, but increasingly important. Even prior to the arrival of the pandemic, there were more buying options than ever before. Increased options in digital, social, marketing automation and even artificial intelligence…

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Rejuvenate Your Revenue: Create a Product Your Supplier Members Will Gladly Buy

Your association is looking for creative ways to create content. Your advertisers, or potential advertisers, are searching for meaningful exposure. That’s where a paid supplier program comes in- an advertiser pays for exposure in an area of expertise they would like to promote, and the association writes and delivers the content.

Business as Unusual: Evolving Association Sales Cycles Through COVID-19

The always reliable sales cycle — it’s the “Sales 101” staple of prospecting, qualification, needs analysis, proposal, negotiation and … sale! But as the economy continues to evolve during COVID-19, individuals and companies alike are changing not only what they buy, but how they buy it.

5 Ways to Deliver Growth Mindset to Your Member and Business Partner Programs

Fixed programs have been the cornerstone of association bottom lines for decades producing a similar performance year after year in predictable fashion — until now. So how do we face uncertainty as we approach a new year? Start with a growth mindset on your products and approach.

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Poll: Return Business

Return business is the lifeline of all organizations, but working new customers is important to meet and exceed budgets.

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