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Poll: When Finance and Sales Align

Shared organizational objectives are a critical success factor for associations. How is the relationship between your finance and business development? Take this 1-question poll to see how it compares with other industry peers.

UBIT: A Comprehensive Overview for Nonprofits

While most income of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations is exempt from federal and state corporate income tax, certain income of nonprofits is subject to tax – Jeff Tenenbaum of Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC explains what your association needs to know about UBIT.

PARtners @ Work: COACH MEdia

Business development professionals bring unique backgrounds, skills and educational experiences to a profession that no one goes to college to learn. “Sales” isn’t listed among the roughly 2,000 college majors offered by universities across the country – meaning new sales professionals must learn on the job. Read on to find out how COACH MEdia helps them do it.

Why a Strategic Approach to LinkedIn Could be the Missing Link for Your Association

If there was one profile page that existed to represent all associations, LinkedIn would be a no-brainer first level connection. The shared common interests between the two – building connections, creating opportunities, and improving communities – make associations and LinkedIn a natural match. So why are some association teams still hesitant to utilize the platform that boasts over 800 million members worldwide?

Poll: Are Sales Skills More Important to Business Development than Ever?

The way organizations sell has changed forever as a result of the pandemic. More members and clients are looking for sales teams to help guide them through a process while providing insight or challenging their held presumptions about your membership, subscriptions, events and partnerships.

Poll: How Connected is Your Association?

Associations are industry touchstones for thought leadership, connection, and resources for professional development. The way associations engage on LinkedIn continues to evolve. As the largest professional network on earth, LinkedIn provides opportunities for association revenue producers to add value to their relationships while learning more about industry news and views. Is your team leading or losing out on LinkedIn?

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