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Why an Affinity Program Could Be a Win-Win-Win for Your Association

March 15, 2023

Associations are looking for new sources of non-dues revenue, members want increased value and companies are searching for meaningful partnerships. It can be challenging to find initiatives that meet each criterion, but affinity programs could be the win-win-win solution for everyone involved. In this PARtners @ Work feature, CardConnect shares the partner’s perspective on affinity programs.

Learn How to Speak the ‘Audio Visual Lingo’ and Save Big on Your Next Event

January 15, 2023

Association event planning teams will agree: Events are expensive. From venue costs to catering and décor, an association’s allotted budget can quickly feel insufficient. When it comes to audio visual needs, knowing where to spend and where to save can make a big impact on your budget… and your event’s bottom line. In this edition of “PARtners at Work,” we learn some cost saving tips from Show Gear Productions.

RevUP Session Spotlight: Take the Risk Out of Innovation

November 10, 2022

Associations often resist investing in innovative new programs for fear that they will fail. Learn how the Outcome-Driven Innovation framework can help your association make innovation measurable and less risky with Chrissie Koeppen and Tracy Betts of the Yes& Agency.

RevUP Speaker Spotlight: Grow Non-Dues Revenue with Teri Carden and Bruce Rosenthal

October 26, 2022

Teri Carden and Bruce Rosenthal are leading subject matter experts in the area of non-dues revenue and corporate sponsorship for associations. Join them at the RevUP Summit for their session, Innovations in Corporate Partnerships.

RevUP Sponsor Spotlight: Build a Blueprint for Better Association Programs with MCI

October 11, 2022

MCI is a global engagement and marketing agency that creates human-centric touchpoints that unleash the power of people to deliver innovation and growth. Watch this 2-minute video to learn more about MCI, and meet their team at the RevUP Summit

PAR RevUP Summit Announced, In-Person Conference Focused on Advancing Association Revenue

August 11, 2022

Towson, MD, August 11, 2022 – The Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR) has announced the launch of the RevUP Summit, a conference focused on the insights needed to advance association revenue. The RevUP Summit is uniquely positioned to provide opportunities to improve revenue strategy and approach as Professionals for Association Revenue is dedicated to supporting professionals and teams with revenue-generating responsibilities.

Why Operating Like a Business Makes Sense for Your Association’s Digital Marketing Plans

June 3, 2022

Where consumers go, marketers follow – and in 2022, both groups are increasingly spending more time and money online. The digital advertising industry grew by a record 35% last year as companies focused on reaching target audiences who are now spending on-average 7-hours a day online. This PARtners @ Work edition features Feathr to show how the digital marketing agency is helping associations think like a business in the digital space.

PARtners @ Work: COACH MEdia

March 10, 2022

Business development professionals bring unique backgrounds, skills and educational experiences to a profession that no one goes to college to learn. “Sales” isn’t listed among the roughly 2,000 college majors offered by universities across the country – meaning new sales professionals must learn on the job. Read on to find out how COACH MEdia helps them do it.

PARtners @ Work: Intero Advisory

February 2, 2022

Intero Advisory works with businesses and individuals to maximize their online brand, community, and activity through the LinkedIn platform. CEO and Founder Colleen McKenna shares 10 steps your team can take to craft an effective and personal LinkedIn strategy.

PARtners @ Work: Learner Mobile

July 27, 2021

We think PAR’s association partners do some pretty great work! In our “PARtners at Work” series, we highlight the different ways they are impacting our association communities. This week, we’re profiling Learner Mobile, a mobile…