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Member Spotlight: Looking to the Future, APA Helps Members Excel in the Present

In this member spotlight, we look at how the American Payroll Association is moving beyond the reactionary and responsive stages of the pandemic and into initiating and implementing updated certification, educational and sponsorship programs.

Law of Attraction: How High-Performing Associations Attract High- Performing Revenue Producers

Associations that are ready to up their performance should begin by embracing one key concept: To become a high-performing association, you must attract high-performing revenue producers.

Poll: Does Your Association Have a Plan to Reach 2022 Goals?

Goals can be a motivating ideal for professionals and the teams they serve. How you and your association interact with those goals can make a difference in the personal and professional growth ahead in 2022. Is your association setting goals for the year ahead? Take this one question poll.

2021 Poll Takeaways

Conducting monthly polls is one way PAR meets its mission of inspiring revenue growth through knowledge, resources and community. When we know how our peers are performing in specific areas, we can better assess our own approach to revenue health and growth. Check out the takeaways from some of our most answered polls of 2021.

PAR GOATs Share Insights for 2022

In the final webcast of 2021, The Professionals for Association Revenue celebrated the PAR community’s top contributors and recognized them as the Greatest of ALL Twenty-Twenty One (GOATs). In this video and post, our GOATs share what they learned in 2021 and give insight into how they believe associations can best move forward in 2022.

Press Release: Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR) Announces Nikole TenBrink of IES as the Recipient of the 2021 PAR GOAT Award

Towson, MD, December 6, 2021 – The Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR) is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2021 PAR GOAT Award, Nikole TenBrink, CAE and Director, Marketing & Business Development, Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The PAR GOAT Award recognizes outstanding professionalism, dedication, and passion for raising awareness around the impact of association business development.

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