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Why Your Association Should Normalize Getting Back in Touch

Relationships are difficult to build but easy to lose. In sales it takes hours of prospecting and multiple outreaches to connect with a new customer, but just a few months of inactivity to lose touch. That’s okay according to Relationships to Infinity author Jason Levin.

Why an Affinity Program Could Be a Win-Win-Win for Your Association

Associations are looking for new sources of non-dues revenue, members want increased value and companies are searching for meaningful partnerships. It can be challenging to find initiatives that meet each criterion, but affinity programs could be the win-win-win solution for everyone involved. In this PARtners @ Work feature, CardConnect shares the partner’s perspective on affinity programs.

RevUP 2023: A Home for Business Development {Video}

From C-Suite to Non-Dues Revenue teams, the RevUP Summit brings together and supports professionals looking to improve their association’s bottom line. Watch this 2-minute video for a glimpse of the RevUP Summit 2022 and join PAR in Annapolis, Maryland on December 6 and 7 for the 2023 event!

Executive Take: Customer Outreach Strategy

This monthly series shares revenue strategies, perspectives and experiences from association executives and subject matter experts on a revenue topic. In PAR’s March edition, we are focusing on customer outreach. Striking the right balance of keeping in touch involves a thoughtful and customized approach to the type and frequency of communication. Learn the approach this months experts take when it comes to keeping in touch.

Why a Business Development Strategy is Vital to Association Revenue Health

Associations aren’t effectively strategizing. That is one of the key findings from the Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR) Association Business Development Landscape Survey in which 86% of respondents said their organization’s business development strategy is underperforming or non-existent. See why that’s a problem for associations working to remain relevant in a changing economic landscape.

Press Release: PAR Association Business Development Landscape Report Released

Towson, MD, February 28, 2023 – Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR) released its Association Business Development Landscape Report detailing insights from associations approaching and delivering revenue growth.

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