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Introducing a New Member Resource! We’ve expanded the PAR Toolbox to include a Resource Directory of templates, models and samples shared from our community, for our community. This collection is designed to help you do your job better: save time, learn from others, and benchmark your work with your peers. Find examples of sales enablement materials, strategic planning documents, and agreements and contract templates. Then, pay it forward! Contribute your own resources to this growing library created exclusively for PAR members. Check It Out   Discover the competencies and support needed for associations to develop and deliver sustainable non-dues revenue programs. Get the Full Report Today PAR Non-Dues Revenue Performance Report The road to advancing association revenue starts here! REGISTER TODAY A pathway to healthier association revenue. Join the PAR community today! Resources for Improving Association Business Development


You Want a Culture of Revenue? It’ll Cost You.

The phrase “culture of revenue” is emerging within associations. Essentially, it means to develop an environment in which everyone across all departments prioritizes the impact revenue has on the association’s mission. However, the question remains: Are associations ready to pay the price to turn a “culture of revenue” into a reality? Hear what three association and industry leaders have to say.

Bridging the Gap: The Intersection of Association Education and Higher Learning

Study after study agrees – professionals want educational opportunities from their associations. But the array of available formats ranging from credentials to micro-credentials, webinars, and cohorts often leaves associations uncertain about the best options to offer. Learn what one PARtners @ Work says the solution could be.

Executive Take: Association Partnerships

Effective association partnerships have the power to significantly enhance an organization’s influence and extend its reach. But it is often challenging to successfully implement, manage and nurture partnerships that align the interests of both the partners and the organization – all while getting buy in from the rest of the association. In this month’s Executive Take, six association professionals share considerations for any association looking to improve this vital aspect of non-dues revenue generation.

PAR Industry Research

Exclusive association business insights for revenue performance.

The Leadership Advisory Board of the Professionals for Association Revenue helps to set strategy, programming and provide the PAR team with feedback and insight.  Learn more about this dynamic group of accomplished association executives who lend their experience and share revenue insights for our community. Learn More...


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