“Wouldn’t it be great if…?”  That’s the question PAR webcast presenter and Unmuted CEO Rachel Druckenmiller presented to our PAR audience in her webcast, 2020 Vision: How to Reframe and Refocus Current Frustrations into Future Success. In a time of forced change and adaptation, Rachel challenged our PAR members to think about the possibilities of a future without the constraints of the present. Below are some of their answers.

Wouldn't it be great if we...

  • Did a fireside chat hybrid?

We plan to bring a fireside chat sponsorship opportunity to our hybrid event, presenting the in-person chat on the show hosted in front of an airstream camper and live streamed to our virtual audience.

  • Improved our membership sales cycle?

If all of our chapters could work on the same page of our membership recruitment process, we would be better off.

  • Had mini electronic sessions during the year? 

Have mini-educational sessions (either sponsored by vendors or the association) throughout the year on a topic or several topics on the same theme.

  • Connected the dots between virtual and in-person attendees on the expo floor?

This is a goal for our upcoming hybrid event. Haven’t figured out how to deliver show floor content to the virtual attendee….yet.

  • Realized the pandemic is a game-changer for relationships with sponsors?

Now is the time to engage and collaborate with sponsors…find the win-win for association members, associations and their sponsors and not treat sponsors like an ATM.

  • Reimagined our annual conference as a scalable event that we deliver to multiple regions? 

People are still hesitant to travel. Wouldn’t it be cool to try converting our annual membership conference to multiple regional events? I envision partnering with regions of chapters to produce relevant, local events that become more inclusive for people unable or unready to travel. Collectively, we’d host more attendees, more sponsors, and deliver an even greater breadth of content.

  • Created engaging and affordable live streaming events?

It's important to live stream events in a cost-effective way. How could we do it without hiring a full-scale camera crew to make it interesting?

  • Utilized gaming in virtual events?

Using gamification tools could create an added level of engagement during virtual events.

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