Congratulations to recipient Michelle Brien for being named the 2023 GOAT for her work in the category of Digital Initiatives! “Associations need to think differently about digital initiatives and be open to experimenting with how they use virtual and digital experiences. Research shows that associations want to expand the use of digital initiatives to include membership engagement and revenue generation but are not sure how to get started. The first step is to recognize that a digital-first mindset can be incorporated into any initiative.” - Michelle Brien, Matchbox PAR Members: Listen to the Recording Here

2023 GOAT Award Nominees:


Dana Johnston

American Gastroenterological Association (AGA)
Employee Wellness

Michelle Brien

Michelle Brien

Digital Initiatives
*2023 Award Recipient

Jeff Cobb

Professional Development and Education

Park Howell

The Business of Story
Audience Engagement

Carrie McIntyre

Corporate Partnerships

Carrie Hartin

Solution Provider Partnerships