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Conducting monthly polls is one way PAR meets its mission of inspiring revenue growth through knowledge, resources and community. When we know how our peers are performing in specific areas, we can better assess our own approach to revenue health and growth. In 2021, PAR polled association professionals in the areas of program and product development, sales skills, non dues revenue, industry partners, marketing and association leadership. Below are some of the highlights. A full list of poll results can be found here.

Program and Product Development

In February, 69% said their teams have used a cautious and passive approach to adopting new programs over the previous year.

Sales Skills

In March, 50% said that presenting value is the most important soft skill for their team members to develop now. 

Partners and Sponsors

In April, 48% said they believe lead capture is the area of value creation most important to industry partners in 2021.

In June, 53% said anticipated low event attendance had the greatest impact on their team's ability to close sponsor revenue.

Non Dues Revenue

In August, 55% said they believe their non-dues programs are perceived as being ahead of the curve among industry peers. 

64% also said their association staff places a lower priority on non-dues programs compared to other association programs.  

Growth Mindset

In October, 86% said they believe their organization embraces a growth mindset.