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Poll: Revenue Strategy

January 8, 2021

Organizations across the globe are facing a challenging time for sales/strategy alignment. One key ingredient for revenue strategy is forecasting based on sales pipeline. With the impact of COVID-19, which statement best describes your association’s forecasting approach to 2021?

Poll: Time Management

October 8, 2020

Time management is a critical success factor for all business development personnel, but many associations include their BD teams in a large amount of non-sales activity.

Poll: Return Business

September 25, 2020

Return business is the lifeline of all organizations, but working new customers is important to meet and exceed budgets.

What’s the most important sales skill in the new 2020?

September 12, 2020

Selling in the new 2020 and beyond will require business development skills to evolve and adapt to new market conditions and opportunities.

Poll: Value Proposition

September 10, 2020

An association’s value proposition often offers a key point of interest and investment for members and business partners alike.