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Connecting with Business Partners During COVID-19: OnPAR-Ep3

November 23, 2020

Connecting with business partners has been challenging during COVID-19. Tune into this ‘OnPAR Video Short’ to learn one simple way you and your sales team can start meaningful dialogue that will lead to better partnerships.

3 Steps to Meaningful Conversation: OnPAR-Ep2

November 9, 2020

Time is valuable to you and your clients. Follow these three steps to make your sales conversations meaningful and purposeful.

Why Associations Should Focus on Tomorrow: OnPAR-Ep1

October 12, 2020

Do you have 83 seconds today to start thinking about tomorrow? That’s all the time you’ll need to tune into this OnPAR Video Short for a quick tip to help you and your association partners work through the challenges of today.