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Discover How to Standout on LinkedIn

October 18, 2022

Colleen McKenna is the Founder and CEO of Intero Advisory and the author of the book ‘It’s Business, Not Social.’ More than 750 companies have engaged with Intero Advisory over the years for LinkedIn strategy, training, coaching, and campaign management. This December, McKenna will be be accessible to attendees of the Professionals for Association Revenue’s RevUP Summit as she presents a ‘LinkedIn for Business Development’ workshop.

What is an Association Business Development Meet-Up?

June 22, 2022

Association Business Development Meet-Ups are 30-minute sessions for association professionals to collaborate on the ideas, skills and solutions our teams need to move forward. Come with challenges and leave with ideas. Watch this 60-second video to learn more!

UBIT: A Comprehensive Overview for Nonprofits

March 28, 2022

While most income of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations is exempt from federal and state corporate income tax, certain income of nonprofits is subject to tax – Jeff Tenenbaum of Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC explains what your association needs to know about UBIT.

PAR GOATs Share Insights for 2022

December 8, 2021

In the final webcast of 2021, The Professionals for Association Revenue celebrated the PAR community’s top contributors and recognized them as the Greatest of ALL Twenty-Twenty One (GOATs). In this video and post, our GOATs share what they learned in 2021 and give insight into how they believe associations can best move forward in 2022.

Grow Your Association Through Corporate Partnerships: OnPAR-Ep11

October 28, 2021

In a recent PAR webcast, Bruce Rosenthal of Partnership Professionals Network (PPN) explored how associations can be more successful by shifting from transactional sponsorships to transformational partnerships. This OnPAR Video Short recaps why Bruce says it’s becoming increasingly difficult to retain corporate sponsors, and how associations and their sponsors can build a mutually beneficial relationship in 2021 and beyond.

Webcast Preview: New Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue Success, Meet Mike Thompson

August 16, 2021

Meet panelist Mike Thompson who will join us for Webcast New Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue Success. Mike Thompson is the CEO of SVI, a talent development and training company that owns and operates Learner Mobile- an award-winning next generation learning software platform. As one of the most forward-thinkers in leadership and business, Mike is a sought-after speaker who has delivered keynote speeches to hundreds of audiences across Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

Webcast Preview: New Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue Success, Meet Teri Carden

August 16, 2021

Meet panelist Teri Carden who will join us for Webcast New Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue Success. Teri Carden is an association junkie and self-proclaimed girl geek in normal girl’s clothing. After several years of experience in the association technology role, Teri answered a need in the association space by building, a trusted site for executives to provide end-user reviews of their association management systems (AMS).

Best Ways to Develop Your Team Now: OnPAR-Ep10

July 19, 2021

Changing work environments and new look teams can make it challenging for association leadership to provide meaningful and accessible professional development. In this OnPAR Video Short, top association executives from our PAR Leadership Advisory Board answer the question, “How can association professionals best develop their teams now?”

Meet a Member Organization: SCRS and Jimmy Bechtel, VP Site Engagement

June 16, 2021

PAR is a professional member organization working to help association teams grow revenue and support the business development workforce. Community is more critical than ever, and our hope is to help association teams approach their work now with new resources and support from peers and subject matter experts. Sharing the ideas and successes of our PAR member organizations can help all of us grow our associations together towards the future of business development.

Characteristics of High Performing Sales Teams: OnPAR-Ep9

May 19, 2021

Despite the changes and challenges to our associations, high performing sales teams are able to find ways to continue to work towards revenue health. Watch this week’s OnPAR Video Short as Author Mary Byers, CAE shares her insight into how great sales teams worked to maintain stability in a time of uncertainty during the previous year.