Create Revenue Producing Learning Opportunities Beyond Virtual Webinars

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Wed, October 18, 2023 - 2:00PM - 3:00PM (EDT)

Jeff Cobb
Tagoras, Managing Director
Celisa Steele
Tagoras, Co-founder and Managing Director

Whether you call it a webinar, a virtual workshop or something else entirely your association is almost certainly producing online learning opportunities for your audience. But what was once a commodity is now commonplace, and our associations are challenged to provide meaningful content that current and prospective members are interested in consuming. Webinars are an important learning tool for associations, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it can’t be the only online learning opportunity we provide. In this 1-hour workshop, we will explore how associations can begin to think beyond the traditional webinars to provide new value for members and create revenue.

Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb

Managing Director

Jeff Cobb, co-founder and managing director of Tagoras, has spent more than two decades immersed in the global market for adult lifelong learning as an entrepreneur, consultant, teacher, and author. He has been at the forefront of learning technology trends and has developed deep expertise in helping organizations grow and improve their continuing education and professional development businesses.

Prior to Tagoras, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of Isoph, a leading provider of e-learning technologies and services to associations. He has also served as senior vice president of business development for Quisic, an e-learning partner to top-tier business schools and Fortune 500 companies, and vice president of business development for LearnSomething.

Jeff is a vocal advocate of cradle-to-grave lifelong learning, an award-winning teacher, and author of multiple books, including Leading the Learning Revolution and Shift Ed. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Family Firm Institute. He recently completed two 3-year terms on the governing board of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement, to which he was specifically appointed as an education thought leader. He has also previously served on the advisory board of Future Learning, the Professional Development Section Council of the American Society of Association Executives, the research committee of the Learning Guild, and the editorial board of Innovate, a publication focused on innovations in learning and technology.

Jeff co-hosts the weekly Leading Learning Podcast and speaks frequently on topics related to the future of learning and the transformational power of lifelong learning. More information about his speaking is available at

Celisa Steele

Celisa Steele

Co-founder and Managing Director

Celisa Steele, co-founder and managing director of Tagoras, has spent more than two decades designing, developing, delivering, and marketing adult lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development. She’s worked with and for organizations ranging from smaller groups like the Frameworks Institute and the Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services to large national and multinational organizations like the American Red Cross, the American College of Radiology, the Society for Human Resource Management, and WebJunction, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Celisa was co-founder and chief operating officer of Isoph, one of the leading providers of e-learning services to the nonprofit sector. Prior to Isoph, she worked as vice president of operations for LearnSomething; in creative services at Quisic, a developer of high-end online course content for major universities and Global 2000 companies; and in curriculum development at the not-for-profit Family and Children’s Resource Program, part of the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Celisa co-hosts the weekly Leading Learning Podcast, writes frequently on the imperative of lifelong learning in today’s world, and embraces the joys and possibilities of learning.

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