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Poll: Return Business

Return business is the lifeline of all organizations, but working new customers is important to meet and exceed budgets.

How to Develop Meaningful Ideas in the Midst of a Changing Association Landscape

Whether change is intended or forced, it’s almost always difficult. In the association world, we like consistency and reliability. Change disrupts that. We operate with consistent models for years, even decades, that allow us to create repeatable operations and sales cycles. It can be easy to fall into a “Why Change?” mindset, pointing to past performance as a measure of success.

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Sponsored webcasts are one way to increase nondues revenue, even while so many association products and programs are on the decline. Webvent, a webcast management system, reports that sponsored webcasts are up 20% from last year for their clients. Additionally, Webvent clients have seen anywhere from a 26% to 150% increase in attendance per webcast in 2020.

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