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5 new product ideas webcast
Programs & Products

5 New Product Ideas for Your Association’s Bottom Line

Members and industry partners are looking for innovative ways to connect with each other. 2021 continues to offer challenges for association budgets as audiences look…


Association Sales Strategy in 2021

Join PAR members from the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) as we explore association sales strategies in 2021.  Learn more about how associations are…

Sales Skills

Associations: Find your Why and Develop Sales Breakthroughs

Join Allan Hirsh, author, advisor, certified WHY trainer and media host as he shares the importance of defining your association’s “WHY?”.  Allan will provide concepts…

Sales Skills

Business As Unusual: Evolving Association Sales Cycles Through Covid-19

PAR Webcast-Business as Unusual Evolving Sales Cycles Through COVID-19

Programs & Products

Creating & Launching Association Programs

Association teams have long delivered quality programs and products for members and business partners to connect, learn, and thrive.  The pandemic challenged the core of…

Sales Management

Everyone is in Sales: How High Performing Teams Drive Performance

Developing a successful business starts with building a team focused on shared objectives.  Learn how associations are leveraging teams to improve business capabilities with members…

Programs & Products

How Association Business Development Teams are Managing Through Covid-19

Can we still sell? With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, business development teams are being forced to evolve their approach.


How Association Teams Can Embrace New Ideas for the Bottom Line


KPIs & Data

Key Metrics for Association Revenue

Non-dues to recurring membership, PAR members discuss the metrics that guide their teams and executive leadership. This panel discussion will focus on measurement and reporting…

Sales Management

Made to Measure: How to Approach Sales Goals Today and Tomorrow

With every association working to understand the revenue impact of COVID-19, how can your teams stay focused? Join PAR Leadership Advisory Board Members as they share strategies to evaluate sales objectives for now and in the future throughout the association sales portfolio.


New Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue Success

Join PAR member associations as our panel shares unique approaches to event, education, content and partnership programs. Our panel of PAR members and PARtners @ Work…


Return to Action: Develop and Deliver Event Revenue in 2021

Selling sponsorships and producing events in a post-pandemic world will be a challenge that requires some changes to our sales process and strategies.  In this webinar, 30-year…


The Impact of Value Proposition

Value proposition can be defined as an offering intended to make a company, organization or product attractive to intended customers.  Your members and industry suppliers…


What Associations Need to Know about Business Development in 2021

Association revenue producers typically wear many hats.  However, the pandemic has further changed the way organizations are approaching business development.  Learn from expert sales trainers…


What Sponsors Want from Your Event and Your Sales Team: Pros and Peers Share

Customer relationship management has taken priority in business development best practices, but does your team feel like you are not meeting customer expectations?  Learn what…