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Executive Take: Simplifying the Sales Process

June 2, 2023

The association sales process presents unique and complex challenges. How can association sales leaders help their teams navigate the nuances of their organization’s structure and focus instead on building and maintaining relationships? That is the topic of this month’s edition of “Executive Take.”

Top Priorities for Association Sales Leaders

May 30, 2023

Structuring, supporting and measuring the success of a sales team are top priorities of all association sales leaders. In this article, thee association sales leaders share their experiences building and maintaining successful sales teams.

Poll: Projected Budget Performance 2023

May 9, 2023

Association Business Performance: What statement below best describes your association’s projected budget performance for 2023?

Why More Sales Staff May Not Be the Answer to Revenue Woes

May 8, 2023

51% of respondents to PAR’s Association Landscape Survey said their business development practices would improve if they had more staff focused on the task. But as staffing challenges continue to disrupt the global workforce, adding more staff may not be an easy solution – or the right one.

OnPAR Video Short: A Strong Case for Strategy

April 25, 2023

Association executives Erin Pressley, Carrie Hartin and Sean Soth presented a 1-hour virtual workshop highlighting the key findings from PAR’s Association Business Development Landscape Survey. Take 90-seconds to watch as the panelists make a case for the importance of an organizational wide strategy.

5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Overcome the Biggest Prospecting Pitfall

April 10, 2023

60% of associations polled in a new Professionals for Association Revenue (PAR) survey reported their sales teams need to allocate more time each week to prospecting for clients, members and event attendees. But do associations need more prospecting time or do they simply need to prospect more efficiently?

Executive Take: Bridging the Gap Between Leadership and Business Development Teams

April 3, 2023

Association teams share the same mission but often prioritize different aspects of association advancement. While organizational structures are inherently complex, a gap develops between leadership and teams when they are not aligned under the same association strategy. In this month’s Executive Take, we asked four association executives:  How can associations bridge the gap between leadership and business development teams?

Why Your Association Should Normalize Getting Back in Touch

March 22, 2023

Relationships are difficult to build but easy to lose. In sales it takes hours of prospecting and multiple outreaches to connect with a new customer, but just a few months of inactivity to lose touch. That’s okay according to Relationships to Infinity author Jason Levin.

Why an Affinity Program Could Be a Win-Win-Win for Your Association

March 15, 2023

Associations are looking for new sources of non-dues revenue, members want increased value and companies are searching for meaningful partnerships. It can be challenging to find initiatives that meet each criterion, but affinity programs could be the win-win-win solution for everyone involved. In this PARtners @ Work feature, CardConnect shares the partner’s perspective on affinity programs.

Executive Take: Customer Outreach Strategy

March 6, 2023

This monthly series shares revenue strategies, perspectives and experiences from association executives and subject matter experts on a revenue topic. In PAR’s March edition, we are focusing on customer outreach. Striking the right balance of keeping in touch involves a thoughtful and customized approach to the type and frequency of communication. Learn the approach this months experts take when it comes to keeping in touch.