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Poll: Time Management

October 8, 2020

Time management is a critical success factor for all business development personnel, but many associations include their BD teams in a large amount of non-sales activity.

4 Steps to Predicting Client Spending Following Covid-19

October 5, 2020

Predicting client spending has always been a challenge. But now, in a COVID-19 world, it’s not only challenging, but increasingly important. Even prior to the arrival of the pandemic, there were more buying options than ever before. Increased options in digital, social, marketing automation and even artificial intelligence…

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How to Develop Meaningful Ideas in the Midst of a Changing Association Landscape

September 23, 2020

Whether change is intended or forced, it’s almost always difficult. In the association world, we like consistency and reliability. Change disrupts that. We operate with consistent models for years, even decades, that allow us to create repeatable operations and sales cycles. It can be easy to fall into a “Why Change?” mindset, pointing to past performance as a measure of success.

Managing Your Relationship with Your CRM

September 14, 2020

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the hottest and fastest growing software on the market. By 2025, it’s expected to reach over $80 billion dollars in revenue. But bring up the term “CRM” to your colleagues and you will likely invoke a smile or a squirm — and often both.

Getting On-Board: How to Efficiently Bring a New Staff Member Up to Speed

September 4, 2020

You’ve made it through the hiring process and your new hire is ready to start contributing. Great! However, what happens next can be even more challenging than the hiring process itself. You’re ready for your newest employee to start delivering results quickly, while they are working toward familiarizing themselves with your company.

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