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4 Tips to Focus Your Forecasting

September 16, 2022

Our lives are made up of forecasting – and while planning doesn’t eliminate uncertainties, it does help us prepare for them. Here are 4 tips to get your team started with a focused forecasting plan.

How to Keep Corporate Sponsor Investment in Your Association

September 6, 2022

Associations are no longer the obvious advertising choice for corporations looking to connect with consumers. Digital outlets, social media channels and corporate websites mean companies have choices – and associations have competitors. But how do associations beat out the competition to increase and keep corporate sponsor investment?

3 Steps to Making and Maintaining Meaningful Conference Connections

June 29, 2022

Event sponsorship and exhibits – once the foundation of association sponsorship programs – are now the starting point for companies looking to engage with an association in year-long brand awareness and thought-leadership opportunities. Associations that provide exhibitors with a positive and valuable conference experience have the advantage when it comes to growing relationships… and revenue.

Managing Your Relationship with Your CRM

May 16, 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the hottest and fastest growing software on the market. By 2025, it’s expected to reach over $80 billion dollars in revenue. But bring up the term “CRM” to your colleagues and you will likely invoke a smile or a squirm — and often both.

PARtners @ Work: COACH MEdia

March 10, 2022

Business development professionals bring unique backgrounds, skills and educational experiences to a profession that no one goes to college to learn. “Sales” isn’t listed among the roughly 2,000 college majors offered by universities across the country – meaning new sales professionals must learn on the job. Read on to find out how COACH MEdia helps them do it.

Law of Attraction: How High-Performing Associations Attract High- Performing Revenue Producers

January 24, 2022

Associations that are ready to up their performance should begin by embracing one key concept: To become a high-performing association, you must attract high-performing revenue producers.

PAR GOATs Share Insights for 2022

December 8, 2021

In the final webcast of 2021, The Professionals for Association Revenue celebrated the PAR community’s top contributors and recognized them as the Greatest of ALL Twenty-Twenty One (GOATs). In this video and post, our GOATs share what they learned in 2021 and give insight into how they believe associations can best move forward in 2022.

Turning Challenge into Opportunity: PAR Members Look to the Possibilities of the Future

November 18, 2021

“Wouldn’t it be great if…?” That’s the question PAR webcast presenter and Unmuted CEO Rachel Druckenmiller presented to our PAR audience in her webcast, 2020 Vision: How to Reframe and Refocus Current Frustrations into Future Success. We look at some of their answers in this recap.

Grow Your Association Through Corporate Partnerships: OnPAR-Ep11

October 28, 2021

In a recent PAR webcast, Bruce Rosenthal of Partnership Professionals Network (PPN) explored how associations can be more successful by shifting from transactional sponsorships to transformational partnerships. This OnPAR Video Short recaps why Bruce says it’s becoming increasingly difficult to retain corporate sponsors, and how associations and their sponsors can build a mutually beneficial relationship in 2021 and beyond.

Best Ways to Develop Your Team Now: OnPAR-Ep10

July 19, 2021

Changing work environments and new look teams can make it challenging for association leadership to provide meaningful and accessible professional development. In this OnPAR Video Short, top association executives from our PAR Leadership Advisory Board answer the question, “How can association professionals best develop their teams now?”